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The lawyers of the Law Office offer advice in many aspects of the law. The leading areas of expertise are as follows:

Corporate law

Establishment and liquidation of companies, foundations and associations. Transformation, merger and division of companies. Development of optimum solutions in line with the Clients’ interests.

Contract law

A well-drafted contract is the basis of a well-functioning enterprise. We exert ourselves so that the contracts prepared by us would fully protect our Client’s interests. This makes running business more secure and predictable.

Labour law

We prepare all documents associated with employment relationship. These include but are not limited to employment contracts, by-laws and collective labour agreements. We advise in the matters related to disputes between employer and employee indicating optimum solutions.

Real estate law

The purchase of a real estate often requires entering into many legal and actual activities that lead to safe transaction completion. The same applies to administrative proceedings related to the construction process. In such situations it may be useful to take legal advice which is what we provide.

Public procurement

We advise the ordering parties on how to prepare a procurement notice. We help contractors who apply for the procurement. We appear on behalf of contractors at the National Appeal Chamber.


We represent our Clients at their trade negotiations. We advise them how to reach an optimum conclusion of their disputes with contractors without going to court. We settle the conditions of agreements between the parties involved in the dispute in a way that protects our Clients’ interests.


We offer legal representation in court cases and administrative court cases. We appear for and on behalf of our Clients at public administration bodies. We watch over their rights being properly protected at every stage of the ongoing case.

We offer legal assistance to individual clients with regard but not limited to inheritance cases, family cases and cases that are associated with concluding contracts, for example, of employment or real estate sale. We offer court representation in all kinds of courts, as well as public administration bodies. The details of cooperation with the Law Office and the scope of provided assistance are determined individually.




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